Philip K Schwartz


My main interest lies in the realm of classical ‘relativistic’ gravity as described by general relativity and its modifications, particularly in its relation to Galilei-relativistic physics in terms of post-Newtonian expansions.

I believe that for a proper understanding of such relations, one needs to work in a well-defined conceptual framework, enabling the use of systematic methods. In particular, one needs a clear geometric setting in which to analyse the problem at hand.

On a more general note, I am interested in conceptual aspects of (Poincaré-)relativistic physics in a wider sense, and of differential-geometric structures in physics.


  1. P K Schwartz
    Teleparallel Newton–Cartan gravity
  2. D Giulini, A Großardt, P K Schwartz
    Coupling Quantum Matter and Gravity
  3. P K Schwartz, D Giulini
    Classical perspectives on the Newton–Wigner position observable
  4. P K Schwartz, D Giulini
    Post-Newtonian Hamiltonian description of an atom in a weak gravitational field
  5. P K Schwartz, D Giulini
    Post-Newtonian corrections to Schrödinger equations in gravitational fields


My doctoral thesis:
Post-Newtonian Description of Quantum Systems in Gravitational Fields
Published version in the Institutional Repository of Leibniz Universität Hannover (2020), arXiv:2009.11319